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Baby Boy Jeep Quilt!

I had the privilege of getting to create a Jeep themed baby quilt for the owners of Fringe Boutique's first grandbaby! (Go check out Fringe for some beautiful western wear & accessories!) I was at my good friend & hairstylists baby shower (shout out to Kasi!) & she had opened the quilt I had made for her baby boy (picture below) and Morgan's mom, Charlotte secretly asked me to create a Jeep themed baby quilt for her first grandbaby!  While Morgan was helping out with Kasi's baby shower, we were able to secretly plan out her surprise baby quilt!


Morgan has already decided on her baby boy's name, so we were able to customize the quilt with Bryant's name on the back! 

Even down to the stitching, this Jeep quilt has tiny jeeps stitched into it!  I was so thrilled to create this custom quilt for Morgan's little baby boy.  Can't wait for baby Bryant to get here and become besties with my little guy!  Ashland better look out for our boys!
I have tons of this fabric left over, so if anyone is in need of a Jeep themed baby quilt, contact me!