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What makes OUR products different?

  • Our quilts, blankets, & robes are all handmade!
  • The 3 women behind are 3 generations of family
  • All of our items ship for FREE!


Do you quilt your own quilts?

This is a funny question, but we actually don't quilt our own quilts! We make the designs, pick out the fabrics, and pick out the quilting designs--but we do not own a quilting machine.  I go to a very special local quilting business called M & B Heart to Heart QuiltingMichelle & Brenda run M & B Heart to Heart Quilting and have treated me like family ever since I met them!  Brenda has always helped me pick out the best thread color & design.. but my favorite thing about Brenda is that she will even come to my house to drop off my completed quilts! While I am picking out different options, she will be holding my little guy. I love them to death!

How long have we been sewing?

My grandma started sewing in 4-H when she was growing up.  When she had kids, she made them Christmas pjs every year as well as their Easter outfits.  Not to mention, she has made each grandkid & great grandkid blankets/quilts for every special occasion. 

My mom started learning to sew at a young age as well.  She has always made baby robes for all the babies in our family.  Not to mention, every prom dress me and my sisters wore, she had to fix!

I started sewing the summer of 2016.  I loved getting quilts as gifts and wanted to be able to do that.  I started super simple with a gift for my sister in law--and ended up catching the sewing bug.  I did my first project by myself, but had no idea what I was doing.  I ended up reaching out to a friend from high school & her mom who are fabulous quilters. They took me under their wings that summer!  It became my favorite hobby.

What makes us unique?

I would think the one unique quality that me, my mom, and my grandma all share is that we don't claim to be perfect. We all love to sew but continue to learn with each project we complete.  I think our imperfections make each product that much more special. We all love what we do & promise each product is made with so much love.

Can we make bigger quilts or blankets?

Absolutely! We can make any size quilt or blanket.  Send us an email to get a quote!  We would love to work with you to get you that special gift!

How long does it take to get a custom quilt?

Honestly, it really depends.  It depends on size, materials, & how backed up our work load is as well as our quilters work load.  Since each quilt is handmade then goes to the quilter, time varies.  We are comfortable with promising a quilt getting to you in 6-8 weeks maximum.  If you need something sooner, please reach out to us & we will do the best we can!

What is the difference between a "baby quilt" and a "baby blanket"?

A baby quilt has been quilted with a quilting machine and has a beautiful design!  A baby blanket has not been quilted.  We use a "tacking" technique on our blankets instead.

Can't find what you are looking for?

We are sorry you can't find a quilt/ blanket/ baby robe that fits your need.  Please reach out to us! We would love to work with you to fulfill your vision!