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Change is a Good Thing

I don't think it is a secret that quilts are expensive.  I also don't think it is a secret that I haven't really sold many. Expectations are a funny thing.  I really thought it would be super easy to sell quilts & that people would love them.  What I didn't expect was people not to buy them.  I don't say that to make anyone feel bad for me, I just had bad expectations.

This morning I took the remaining baby quilts I had & donated them to the Boone Hospital NICU.  I am super hoping that babies & families in need will get to take home a comfy & cute baby quilt after having to spend an extended time in the Infant Intensive Care Unit. Maybe they will leave with good memories of the NICU if they are able to take a quilt home with them.. that is the hope at least!

From here on out, I am only going to make custom ordered quilts.  If I catch a sewing bug and the hospital enjoys getting my quilts, I am going to continue making baby quilts for the hospital.  The plan is to make a quilt, post it to see if anyone is interested in purchasing--and then donating it if it is not sold in a week.  Baby quilts in my sewing room closet weren't doing me any good, so I am super excited for this change.  The strange part is that my website/Etsy won't have any baby quilts listed.. but thats okay!


So if any of you are interested in a baby quilt, throw quilt, huge quilt.. email or message me!  I have quite a few more quilts on the cusp that I can't wait to blog about :)

Today a super fun new adventure happened right before I went to the hospital (to donate quilts but most importantly see one of my besties brand new baby).. My friend's store (The Southern Rose) put some products I made out on the floor!  It was so so so cool to walk into a store and see things I have made with a tag on them waiting to be purchased. Hoping at least one item sells so I don't feel like the biggest failure ever lol. 

For $16, you can get a personalized burp cloth! They are the perfect addition & customized gift to sneak into your baby shower present! It was so cool to see these on the shelf at the store & see the girls post about them on their instagram and social media accounts! 

So if you could do me a favor.. stop by the store in Columbia, MO and pick up an embroidered burp cloth! I would love you forever.  Plus then MacKenzie (the store owner) would keep letting me make more & not regret putting these in the shop :)

Anywho, thanks for following my journey of quilting!  There will be more coming from me, I promise :)