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So I am writing this blog post because my husband basically told me when you have a website, you have to write a blog.. I think it was for SEO (that is shorthand for search engine optimization) purposes or something? Idk. He is a marketer & the brains behind our marriage. (I wish I was kidding about that.)

Anywho, I would say the most important thing Jeremyah has taught me so far in the time I have known him.. (11 years) all comes back to expectations. Most of my disappointments in my life all come from my expectations being unrealistic.. so to start off this fun journey, I thought I would let you guys in on my expectations of!

Well, if I am being honest with myself & all of you guys, I expected to have made a sale already. I know, I know. I am even embarrassed to put that out in the world because I usually like to keep my cards close to myself when it comes to things that I feel like could be embarrassing. I totally would have thought maybe I would have sold something by now.. which is my fault right? I expected to sell something in the first 24 hours of launching this website—which apparently is unrealistic & lead to me be a tad disappointed. My husband has been so encouraging & surprised with how much love I have gotten so far on social media.. & I know it is because of his expectations! He always tells me to set SUPER low expectations because then you can’t ever be disappointed.. so I am still working on that, but I have come a long way!

What I can tell you, is in just 24 hours, I have had 399 visitors with 426 views on my website! So that means 399 different people have looked at my website in 24 hours! That is super cool! I mean, what I am selling is like super narrow.. all my products revolve around babies. Not everyone needs a baby gift (as much as I dreamed they would at least haha)

Basically, I want this website to be a fun hobby for me to put some of my creations. I was terrified that after having a baby, I would be unable to have time to sew or create things.. but in the short time of being a mom, I realized that I NEED to sew. Like, I literally have to sit behind my machine at least every other day if not every day. It makes me feel like I am accomplishing something..even on days I might have not brushed my teeth all day or changed out of my pjs. I love to sew & I love to gift quilts. It is like my favorite thing to do.

Long story short, is going to be my place where I can post pictures of things I love to make & blog about the things I love to make.  If anything more happens with it, it will be surprisingly awesome!

Thanks for taking the time to read this & all my random ramblings. I don’t know how to blog, so this could be an interesting journey for all of us.


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