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Gannon turned ONE!

This past weekend we were able to celebrate Gannon's 1st birthday with our closest family & friends at our house.  I can't believe our baby is ONE.  We have always called Gannon our little monster since he was born, so it made perfect sense to throw a Monster Bash!


The craziest most exciting part of Gannon's birthday was having Jeremyah's brother and wife surprise us all of the way from Connecticut.  We had no idea they were coming, so it was so amazing to have them here and celebrate with us.  We were able to have all of Jeremyah's siblings (and their families) stay in our house this weekend so it was super fun having them all together.  


We had the perfect weekend celebrating Gannon and I am so thankful to all of our family and friends that traveled near and far to celebrate our baby boy.  It definitely takes a village to raise a little baby so we are super thankful for everyone who has been involved in Gannon's first year of life!

Today we had Gannon's one year doctor appointment.  He still has a big head and is tall for his age and we don't quite know where the height is coming from but we will take it! 

I know I have been pretty vocal about how much we love Gannon's pediatrician, but I think he deserves to be recognized again.  Dr. Wheeler at Tiger Peds is absolutely wonderful and we are so thankful Gannon has a pediatrician that cares so much for him.  Me and Jeremyah didn't really have pediatricians growing up, so its super cool for us to be able to have one doctor that we can go to or call when we have questions.  We actually loved him so much, that when he opened up his adult clinic (Big Tree Medical) me and Jeremyah ended up both becoming patients of his and it was one of the best adult decisions we have made!  To thank Dr. Wheeler for being there for us the past year for Gannon as well as taking us as a whole family on, I wanted to make him a quilt!


 I think this is one of my favorite quilting patterns because it was all doctor themed!  Quilting is my love language, so I had to make our favorite doctor a quilt to show him our appreciation.. and so he can't get too annoyed with me over the next 17 years with all of my crazy and random questions!

We had the greatest first year with our little guy & can't wait for every year after. Again, I just want to say my deepest thanks to everyone who has been a part of Gannon's first year of life.  We love you all & it is so great to watch people love on our boy.