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Memorial Quilt

The last couple months me & my mom were able to take on a very special project for a Christmas gift.  A friend of a friend (thanks for the referral, Kristen Brown! You the real MVP) reached out to me about putting together a memorial quilt for her Aunt's Christmas gift!  I told her that I had never made something like that before, but my mom had so we could definitely take a look at it and see if we would be able to do something for her!

Ashley came over to my mom's house one Sunday afternoon and told us her idea about this beautiful gift.  She had brought 4 brown bags of clothing items from 4 different people in her family who had passed away.  We went through the items and made sure to pick out her favorites from each bag that we would be using for the quilt.  We were so touched & honored to be trusted with such a thoughtful gift!

My mom took the lead on this quilt & I just made sure to not mess anything up :) We are so happy with the end result of this beautiful quilt & can't wait to hear how the big reveal is on Christmas morning.

Please reach out to us if you would like a similar project done!  We have been working super hard to get all of our quilt orders done before Christmas & can't wait to share them with you soon!

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