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Quilts are Expensive pt. 2

If you read a couple posts back, I discussed a cost friendly baby quilt!  Well today I am going to show you a cost friendly throw or larger quilt!


Option #2: Rag Quilt


Rag quilts are one of my favorite quilts to cuddle up with.  I love the weight of the rag quilts and how cozy/comfy they are!  They are also the messiest quilt on the market.  This quilt is made up of flannel material and is machine quilted by me!  Depending on the size of the rag quilt, this could save you over $100!  This quilt I made for a friend who gifted it today at a wedding shower.  My favorite part is the added customization of the embroidered name and date (done at The Southern Rose, my fav).  After everything was said and done, I was able to complete this quilt in about 8 hours total.   


A Rag quilt is perfect for that special man in your life, a wedding gift, or a gift to yourself.. I have to say.. I never make myself quilts--but the next quilt I make for myself is definitely going to be a Rag quilt.  Can't wait!