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Sara Evans tshirt quilt!

Got to do a super fun/hardest project I have done so far!  My friend Julie is a Sara Evans super fan and has been ever she was born I am pretty sure (peep the two autographed tshirts). The way she described these shirts to me was saying "they are the first thing I would grab if my house was on fire" so obviously there was no pressure working on this quilt AT ALL.

Julie had SO many shirts, that I actually didn't use about 6 of them.  She had doubles of some shirts and some that just didn't really work with the design I was wanting to do.  Her favorite color is purple, so I wanted to include that in the design.  Julie also got 6 tshirts printed that has all of the pictures she has taken with Sara and I wanted to put them on the back side. 

The worst part about this project was that Julie wouldn't give me ANY ideas and said she wanted it to be a surprise.  The only things she did tell me were that she wanted the autographed tshirts on the front and she didn't want it professionally quilted because she didn't want designs on the faces.  I ended up 'quilting' this by only sewing in the tshirt seams.  It was super hard to do since the quilt was so huge!  I have never said I was a great quilter--and I told Julie several times it wouldn't be perfect.  Thankfully she still loves it!

I really enjoyed doing this project and I am so glad Julie trusted me with her most prized possessions.  Pictures below!